Whilst I Live I’ll Crow encompasses a series of works created between 2019 and 2023 with this archive acting as a digital representation for the physical repository of Seaside imagery built over that time. The project started in December 2019 with a heightened politically sensitive landscape and simplified narratives of Brexit and ‘The North’ that I felt didn’t properly represent this place..I wanted to push back against this with a different story using a collection of postcards depicting ‘Holey Rock’ a topographical feature on Sunderlands coastline that was demolished in the 1930s. Since then the project has expanded more broadly to encompass the UK seaside as a working class site of leisure. Filtered through this sweet haze of seaside nostalgia there is a political history linked with labour rights and paid holidays. Through building a repository of objects, images and information the work centres itself in these histories as sites for exchange and a contemporary exploration of the placemaking.

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